Nov 09

Public Profiles in Mobile Dead

From sign in you’ll see a lot of new things. A few of these features are:

Profile Settings

Now you have more control over your profile! Change your profile name, user portrait or upload your own custom portrait. To get to this page select Sign in from Mobile Dead or visit this Sign in link directly.

Share Your Mobile Dead Activity — Public Profile & RSS
Mobile Dead now aggregates recent activity for you to share with your friends (or your nosy family). This includes: activity like found items, fights, bumps, and friend requests.

All this activity can be shared without your friend needing to sign up or log into Mobile Dead. To see and share this activity, sign into your Profile Settings. From the Profile Settings page you’ll see two important links: Public Profile and Public RSS Feed.

Public Profile is a regular page that details your activity. Public RSS Feed is an RSS feed of your activity that you can share, use for yourself or import into other services like facebook or myspace.

Custom Profile / Public Profile:

This is just a small part of whats going on. We’re planning some more additions to be rolled out next week. Additionally, we’ll be updating the the Zombie Journal (visit News from Mobile Dead on your blackberry) and have been slowly placing code strickers around Manhattan. We’ll start to give hints to these codes in a few weeks.

Oct 30

First Mobile Dead Post

Welcome to the Mobile Dead blog. We really look forward to using this as a tool to details features and news about Mobile Dead.

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to email

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